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Pedal Back Cycling has always believed in making cycling as accessible as possible by being open, honest, approachable and fun. The global Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated needs for bikes, with many worried they are unable to safely or affordably reach places of employment or interviews, or finding it hard to motivate themselves to access outside spaces and in need of a bike to help their mental health and boost their wellbeing. It has shown us that enabling people and communities to cycle is more important than ever, and the benefits are not just physical; cycling and access to bikes is mentally, emotionally and socially transformative.


We partnered with South West Railways to access abandoned bikes, and United in Hammersmith & Fulham to spearhead this project by working with local community groups to reach those most in need. We are thrilled to receive a London Walking and Cycling grant to enable us to turn our dream of upcycling abandoned bikes into reality.

Over the next two years, we expect to have saved 100 bikes from landfill, brought a sustainable and effective transport option to homes which were otherwise disconnected from affordable travel, alleviated worries around transport safety and cost of transport for an estimated 100 in-need local people, encouraged a significant number of sign-ups to the council’s Bikeworks programme, boosted health and wellbeing for participants and those near and dear to them, and built an improved sense of neighbourhood.

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