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Cycle to Work schemes are a UK Government tax exemption initiative introduced to promote healthier journeys to work and to reduce environmental pollution. It allows employers to loan cycles and cyclists' safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit. Effectively this means you save up to 43% on the cost of a new bike and pay your employer back through monthly installments over a fixed period and enjoy the benefit of buying a new bike and accessories without paying tax or National Insurance on them.

We work with the cycle to work schemes below to provide amazing savings across our entire range of bikes and accessories.

Gogeta Cycle To Work Scheme

The cycle to work scheme that promises less admin and bigger savings. Gogeta is the home of the flexi voucher, offering more choice and freedom so you don't have to spend all in one go.

Green Commute Initiative Cycle To Work Scheme

GCI is a social enterprise with a vision to get commuters out of cars and onto bikes. The best part is there's no limit so you can access saving on bikes in all price ranges.


Spread the cost of a bike, a bike and accessories, or just accessories with Cyclescheme.

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